Company Overview
gSnap Fasteners Connect People to Peopleh

Snap fasteners- our companyfs original product- is gto fasten two parts together so that they do not move, or to unfasten them so that they can move; and to be freely able to perform both functions.h

We believe that this definition is leading our slogan gconnect people to people.h
Our mission is to not only fasten two things together, but also connect value and idea to create a dream brought by communication.

The basic form of the snap fastener had not changed in over 100 years, yet it is a unique product among fasteners.
Gondola takes pride in its history of over 60 years as Japanfs only snap manufacturer and of its technical capability to provide the quality of snap fasteners.

Gondola's Sights Set on the World

In the domestic market, Gondola has become the Only One, the only manufacturer of snap fasteners in Japan.

In the overseas, we began to manufacture snap fasteners in Shanghai, and Gondola is proud to be the leading supplier of snap fasteners in China.
Our business is quickly moving toward global fast fashion, such as Zara, H&M, Forever21, and Japanfs own UNIQLO.

We do not limit our field, not only deepen our domestic market, but also in the global market with new business model. It is just like the name Gondola, a boat that can only be found in Venice, Italy but takes us to everywhere!

As a leading company, we will be a global professional team and continue our endeavor to meet the need, and deliver the inspiration to worldwide.

Gondola, a company of Japan, will become a leading company of the world.

Shinji Katayama
Gondola Shoji Co., Ltd.@CEO

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